What’s it to be free man?
What’s a European?
Me I just believe in the sun

intense simplicity:

It was the Fourth of July, you and I were...

Fire, fireworks <3

关于fourth of july的笑点:

1. 美国有首patriotic song叫my country, 'tis of thee旋律和god save the queen是一样的,并且在1931年前star spangled banner被正式确立成国歌前大概和hail, columbia一样是de facto的国歌


2. 游行里有一支乐队穿的军装和当年continental army的military musician制服很像,红外套蓝边内里是金衬衣和金色breeches——颜色搭配和continental army的正规军正好反过来,目的是在战役里不被误伤。但粗看真的和独立战争里的英军挺像,的(。具体体现在他们走过的时候有个盆友神情僵硬地和我说why there are redcoats here???

Anyhoo. Happy Fourth of July! 

And happy the 241st anniversary you signed the Declaration of Independence, America!


(photo: proudly taken by me at the national mall, July 4, 2017, at Washington, D.C. <3)

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